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Future State Talent Solutions is on a mission to help our clients supercharge business results by creating a Competitive Talent Advantage.

Our Talent Management Model connects with your business purpose and strategy to unleash tremendous, untapped potential in your people.

Our Consulting Process delivers very real improvements in talent metrics (reduced turnover, greater productivity, etc.) that impact the bottom line.

We are so confident in the power of our Talent Management Model and Consulting Process that we guarantee results. 


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About Us

For 30 years we have helped clients hire the best and brightest people. We know what exceptionally talented people want in an employer, and in a career. We understand the impact exceptional talent brings to an organization. We also understand the devastation that can result from a bad hire, underutilized or underdeveloped talent, and a poor culture.


We developed the Superior and Sustainable Success Formula to illustrate the three required elements of sustainable success, and to clarify the impact of missing even one of those elements: 




Superior and Sustainable Business Performance is the result of a Clear, Powerful Shared Purpose + Talented, Engaged People + a Proven, Proprietary Business Process. All three elements are necessary as shown in the top row of the illustration, above.


Even with a clear, shared purpose and great process, organizations need great people to sustain success. Otherwise, performance will be mediocre at best, as shown in the third row of the illustration.


That’s where Future State Talent comes in. We help our clients Acquire, Develop and Retain talented, engaged people. Our process helps our clients supercharge their business results by creating a Competitive Talent Advantage.

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