The digital revolution is reshaping the way we live our lives and the way we work. As business strategies undergo a fundamental re-think, so must organizations’ people strategies. A wholesale re-design of work is now required. That is an opening statement from the PWC report on People strategy for the digital age: A new take on Talent – 18th Annual Global CEO Survey.

While this comes as no surprise, the extent to which the “there’s an app for that” culture has become intertwined with HR can feel overwhelming.

After reading the Predictions for 2016 report by Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte, I tried to highlight the quantity of HR-focused systems, tools, apps and cloud-based companies mentioned therein. I lost count at 80 – and most references noted that those mentioned were “among others”, meaning the true number is much higher.

The solutions were for a wide range of HR functions including talent management, recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance management, feedback, compensation, time and attendance, payroll, succession planning, benefits, engagement, analytics, coaching and mentoring, culture, mobility, etc. Every area of HR is addressed, and HR consultants and software providers seem to be rushing to market with new solutions daily.

In his article titled HR’s Role in The Digital Workplace: It’s Time for Reinvention, Bersin writes that there are three skills HR must have today:

  1. How to recruit, develop, and manage people;
  2. How to organize, enable, and improve the organization; and,
  3. How to manage, leverage, and exploit data and technology.

The first skill refers to the HR we have always known and loved. The second skill helps us transition into strategic HR professionals. The third skill has become important in the past few years as the digital revolution has disrupted, well, everything. All indications are the rate of change will only increase. What should we do to properly manage through these rapid digital advances?

According to PWC’s report, we need to be sure that we are fit to react quickly to whatever the future may throw at us – and that means attracting, hiring and retaining adaptable, creative people, and creating a culture where energy fizzes and ideas spark into life. If these people can’t be found, they must be created. Whatever technological innovations are ahead, it’s the people that will make the difference between eventual success and failure.

That’s why we need a people strategy for the digital age.

At Future State Talent Solutions, we specialize in helping our clients develop people strategies. We’ve written a report that outlines how to develop a comprehensive talent plan that will help you hire and retain the best people and create the best culture for your company. Let us help you develop your winning digital HR strategy.


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