All organizations are only as good as their leadership and talent. How does your current leadership and talent stack up? For each of the following statements, rate your team from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

  1. We consistently reach our strategic goals. _____


  1. We consistently reach our financial and operational goals. _____


  1. Our organization structure operates efficiently. _____


  1. Our organization utilizes our people’s talents efficiently. _____


  1. Our organization is well designed to help us reach our strategic goals. _____


  1. Our strategic talent is clearly defined and developed. _____


  1. Our top performers are in the most impactful roles. _____


  1. Our people clearly understand performance expectations at all times. _____


  1. Our future leaders are identified and are being developed for a smooth transition. _____


  1. Our top talent is engaged and committed. _____


Add your scores for all ten questions. If your score is 43 or better, you are in great shape.

If your score is 35 to 42, not bad -but you can use some improvement.

Below 35 – or if you are not sure how to answer, call us for a Talent Audit. We can help you assess and improve your current talent levels.


Please let us know if we can help you with a Talent Assessment, Talent Practice Review or Strategic Talent Plan.


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