Ten Questions – Get to Yes on all 10 for Talent Supremacy

If you are a business leader, answer these questions to see if you are among the talent elite:

1. Do you have a vision for your future?

2. Do you have enough leaders and other talent to reach your vision?

3. Do you know who your best performers are now and will be in the future?

4. Do the best people (yours and others) want to work for you?

5. Are your people fired up about your vision?

6. Are your people equipped to get you to your vision?

7. Are your leaders equipped to get you to your vision?

8. Are your people maximizing the use of their strengths?

9. Are your people committed to your vision?

10. Are you tracking people progress?

If you answered yes to all ten questions, congratulations! You have the talent, leadership and people processes you need to reach your goals. You win!

If you did not answer yes to all ten, join the club. Very few companies have talent supremacy. A well written and executed strategic plan, supported by a well written and executed talent plan can help you fill in the gaps


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