Does this sound like your company?
Your CEO says, “We need more talent!”
Your employees say, “I have more to offer, but promotional roles are elusive.”
Interested outside individuals say, “I have talent, but no one responds when I apply.”
Talented individuals your company would like to hire say, “Why should I leave my current role to join your company?”

Talent experts offer a laundry-list of remedies and recommendations including the following:
•    Employee Engagement
•    Social Media
•    Branding
•    Talent Networks
•    Corporate Culture
•    Assessments
•    High Potential Programs
•    Mobile Job Sites
•    Rewards and Incentives
•    Leadership Development
•    Talent Analytics
•    Performance Management
•    Workforce Planning
•    Career Pathing
•    Employee Value Proposition
•    Work-Life Balance
•    Coaching and Mentoring
•    Diversity and Inclusion
•    Onboarding
•    Succession Planning
•    And many, many more

In addition, while you are working on attracting and retaining top talent, your competitors and others are busy trying to recruit your top people away.
As if that is not enough to deal with, you may also find yourself defending your corporate reputation from anonymous, negative Glassdoor reviews. How do you know what to do?

Welcome to The Talent Challenge!

Identifying, attracting, hiring, developing and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. There is no silver bullet solution for addressing the talent challenge. The best approach may be to develop a talent strategy to support your corporate strategy, and rely on that strategy to guide your actions with your people. A well-developed and executed talent plan can provide direction and comfort in meeting the talent challenge.

Is the talent challenge truly a matter of corporate survival? Maybe, maybe not. With a talent plan in place, though, you may turn the talent challenge into a talent advantage.

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